• Date: June 22nd
  • Price: € 60,- (3 concerts)
  • Time: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Walloon Church (first concert)

What was life like in Paradise? The Adam & Eva – Kerkenpad concerts give a refreshing look on these two biblical figures. The music takes you to Paradise, where everything might just not be as you would think.

First concert - Adam and Eve: timeless?
In Time Piece composer Paul Patterson tells the tale of the ticking watches and clocks in Paradise. Everybody and everything in Paradise is captivated with these things, until God has enough of the noise of the clocks and forbids them. Fauré’s beautiful Chanson d’Eve, where a romantic musical style meets a modern one, presents a different view on the story of Adam and Eve. Festival Classique is far from quiet with these beautiful concerts in the Walloon Church.

Second Concert - A life in Paradise
Do the lives of Adam and Eve differ a lot from the modern man and woman? What were they actually doing all that time in Paradise? Alternated with fitting music author Guus Kuijer tells The story of Adam from his 2012 novel The bible for non-believers. A well-known story told in a new and surprising way, in the Old Catholic Church. (The story will be told in Dutch.)

Third Concert - Creation and swing
One year after his trip to America, where he first heard authentic jazz music, composer Darius Milhaud wrote La Création du Monde. He was inspired by jazz and colored his classical music with swinging climaxes and lively rhythms. Jake Heggie’s Eve-Song also combines jazz and classical music in an interesting way. Listen to the creation myth as you never heard it before!


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