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Maris Participatieconcert

A stormy participation project with the Maris College

In collaborations with Maris College location Houtrust, Theaterschool Rabarber and the Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague.

Festival Classique wants to place classical music firmly in society. For instance by letting young people hear that classical music is woven into everything. Often without them really knowing this. In this participation project we place classical music in films on centre stage. Fifty pupils of the Maris College in The Hague are going to tackle iconic classical work that is used in famous film scenes. Surrounded by a professional musical ensemble in cooperation with students of the Royal Conservatoire we will string together three film scenes in which the pupils dance, make music, sing and act.

Direction Ino Mijland
Composition and arrangement Izak de Dreu
Choreography Patty Broese van Groenau
Percussion and musical coaching Vincent Houdijk
Singing and musical coaching Licia van Wijngarden
Cello and coaching Camille Bergsma
Piano and coaching Leone Monaco
Trumpet Francesco Siri
Double bass Yannos Toaskas


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