Festival Classique aims at acquainting as many people as possible with classical music in a relaxed way.

Blind and visually impaired persons
For this target group in particular the performance of Maya Fridman and ODO7 is very suitable. The whole public experiences the concert with a blindfold or closed eyes. By means of sound and scent you are taken along in a unique sensory experience.
Naturally an assistance dog is welcome at our performances.

Hearing-impaired persons
Unfortunately we do not have deaf loop systems with our performances. If you are hard of hearing we will be pleased to reserve the proper seat for you in the hall. Please contact the festival organization in a timely fashion to discuss this.

Wheel chair places and & places for the disabled
Our festival grounds are on the beach. There are wooden planks on every walking route, so the roads to (almost) every performances can be used by everyone. There is also a toilet for the disabled present.

Some performances are (less) accessible for disabled:
– Jungle by Night & Matangi Quartet has only standing tickets, although we offer 10 wheel chair places
– Campfire with live music is less accessible for disabled
– By the sea concert isn’t accessible for disabled
– Yoga to live music isn’t accessible for disabled
If you are disabled and would like to use the properly accessible places, please contact the festival organization in a timely fashion. The same also applies to the booking of a wheelchair ticket and a companion ticket. For each performance a limited number of places is available.

Detailed programme information
The performances of Festival Classique stimulate all the senses. Our concerts are full of surprises, sometimes we use light effects or smoke. If you doubt whether a performance is suitable for you or your companions (for instance due to epilepsy), please contact us for detailed information about the programme.

Tips are welcome!
Questions or remarks about reachability and accessibility? Do you have tips or good experiences with other festivals that you would like to share? Please let us know, we like to learn and want to make the festival accessible to everybody in all respects!

Festival Classique can be reached via