About us

Since 2006 Festival Classique has devoted itself to show that classical music is an enrichment for everybody. With Festival Classique we leave the beaten track and expectation patterns of classical music, without compromising the quality of the music. That is why our concert programmes and locations are often unlike anything else and with eye for detail. We do not only offer a concert, but a total experience. We surprise our visitors with combinations between different forms of art like dance, theatre and film and classical music.

With our programming we reach all age categories, from young to old. The programming consists of a broad variety of free and paid performances, concerts and activities. In the open air, in the middle of the beach, we surprise and challenge the audience to experience the music in a different way. The festival offers a stage to professional musicians, music students and to amateurs from the region of The Hague. This connection inspires!

Every year Festival Classique invites pupils from elementary and secondary schools in The Hague to experience the festival at customized performances. In addition to that Festival Classique cooperates closely with various care and welfare organizations to involve also audiences that otherwise do not or hardly get into touch with live performed classical music at the festival.

In 2019 Festival Classique attracted more than 45,000 visitors. In 2020 and 2021 Festival Classique has been canceled due to the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus. In 2021, a special indoor edition took place in September: Festival Classique | Sound Bites. And now, in 2022, we are finally organizing the real beach edition of Festival Classique!

Team Festival Classique

Marieke Hopman
Artistic director
Jojanneke van de Weetering
Executive director
Lindy Schutte
Marketing and communications
Elisa Kuijt
Marcel Winckens
Marjolein Hamelink
Graphic designer
Jennifer Trel

The production of Festival Classique is done by LUSTR B.V.

Board Stichting Festival Classique
Daniëlle Koster chair
Preshaan Gangapersadsing treasurer
Fleur van Bree secretary
Ingrid Michon general member
Meike Bokhorst general member
Carla Hoogweg general member

Advisory board
Annemarie Goedvolk artistic advisor
Bastiaan Everink artistic advisor

Annual report
Festival Classique is an initiative of Stichting Festival Classique.
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