Terms and conditions tickets

Terms and conditions of purchase of (online) tickets for Festival Classique

  1. (Online) tickets for a Festival Classique performance are sold by Your Ticket Provider BV, on behalf of Stichting Festival Classique.
  2. Your Ticket Provider will take care of the delivery of the ordered tickets. Your Ticket Provider will deliver the ticket to the e-mail address provided when ordering. The buyer is responsible for the correct provision of contact details and the details necessary to facilitate payment processing by means of the options offered on the website. Providing incorrect or incomplete data may result in a ticket not being sent.
  3. Delivery in case of payment with iDEAL normally takes place within 30 minutes. Festival Classique and Your Ticket Provider cannot be held liable in any way in the event of technical failures of any kind that prevent payments from being processed and/or authorised correctly or on time.
  4. Each ticket is provided with a unique barcode. The ticket will be scanned at the entrance of the performance venue. All tickets are valid once. The barcode of a combitickets (such as the zaterdagpas can be scanned once per concert. Copying the ticket is useless.
  5. A ticket may be scanned both digitally and physically at the entrance of the performance venue. When printing a ticket, it is important that the ticket remains legible and is not damaged. Festival Classique cannot guarantee that a damaged ticket can be scanned. Damaged tickets may be refused at the entrance.
  6. Each ticket has a validity date and starting time. After this date and starting time, the right of access expires.
  7. Tickets cannot be exchanged for another performance.
  8. The right of withdrawal for consumers does not apply to tickets purchased for use on a fixed date. In case of cancellation of a ticket by the customer, no money will be refunded. When you purchase a ticket, Your Ticket Provider offers the option of buying a cancellation insurance (‘Ticket Guarantee’). With Ticket Guarantee the purchase amount will be refunded in case of cancellation, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Ticket Guarantee.
  9. In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, including in this context illness of and/or cancellation by the artist(s), strikes, fire, bad weather conditions, epidemics, and so on, Festival Classique has the right to postpone the event to a later date or cancel the event.
  10. If the event is cancelled by Festival Classique as a result of or in connection with force majeure, Festival Classique will only be obliged to refund the customer the payment stated on the admission ticket, regardless of the price paid by the customer for the admission ticket. Refunds will only be made via Your Ticket Provider no later than within twelve weeks after the cancelled date. Service costs or other damage will not be reimbursed. The customer cannot claim (replacement) access to another event either.
  11. For the purpose of executing the purchase of tickets, personal data of the buyer will be processed. The privacy statement informs the buyer of how Festival Classique handles personal data.
  12. Entering a Festival Classique performance venue is at your own risk. Festival Classique will only be liable for any property and/or consequential damage or injury suffered by you, which is the direct and exclusive result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Festival Classique and/or its staff, on the understanding that only such damage is eligible for compensation, for which Festival Classique is insured and for the maximum amount applied therein.
  13. Festival Classique’s staff are tasked with making your visit as pleasant as possible and with providing the best possible service. Instructions from our staff must therefore be followed at all times during the visit to one of our performances.
  14. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, as well as individuals who are disruptive, or threaten to be, at the discretion of Festival Classique staff, may be refused or removed.
  15. Smoking is prohibited at all Festival Classique performance venues.
  16. Festival Classique would like to remind parents and supervisors of children and groups that they are responsible for those who visit a Festival Classique performance under their supervision. This means that parents and supervisors are also liable for the damage caused by those entrusted to them.
  17. It is not allowed to make image or audio recordings with professional equipment without the explicit prior permission of Festival Classique.
  18. These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.